Sunday, January 7, 2007

Bored? Make.

I just added a link to the Make: Blog. It's a site for thoses who enjoy DIY (do it yourself) projects, which can be anything from crocheting a scarf to building a rocket and everything in between. It's continually updated with different projects people submit or find others have made and submit on their behalf. They also have a quarterly magazine with more detail into the projects. It's been inspiring to me to find enjoyment in creating things, whatever they would be. I tried my hand at a project over the Christmas weekend. The minty boost ipod charger with help from my brother and brother-in-law. It was kind of fun to try something new and with pleasing results.

Saturday, January 6, 2007

That's How We Swing It

I flung myself from the top of a telephone pole on New Year's Eve, what'd you do? And not only that, but my brother jumped off the pole with me, twice. As if that weren't enought, there was this bar there in front of us, and we jumped for it and managed to hang on. It was John's idea to hang by the legs. He had an easier time getting them up there than I did. If you would like to have a similarly memorable New Year's next time around, consider attending the Beyond Malibu Alumni Reunion. Thanks to Lauren for the photos. Click on link below to go to the album. Then click on the slideshow button. It took two attempts. The first got the jitters out and allowed me to finish my sandwich.

New Year, New Starbucks Location

If you've ever looked at that tall black building in the Seattle skyline and thought, "I wonder what it'd be like to sip some coffee on the tippy top." Now you can experience it. A Starbucks has recently nested in the Columbia Tower on the 40th floor. Granted, it's not the tippy top, but it's a good half way. I don't know that there are any signs outside to point folks up there, so it might be a spot just for those who know about it. It's certainly open to the public, as it's posted on Starbucks website. To get there: Go inside the building; Take one of the elevators to the 40 (some only go to the upper floors); Turn right and consider your beverage of choice. I'm not sure what their hours are, but here's the store phone number, 206-264-0152. Don't forget to support your family-owned coffee shops. (Photo credit: Ben Bardill,