Monday, July 30, 2007

Tattoos Are Also For Computers

I've owned my laptop for a little over four months. I've made the inside my own - that is: the desktop, the apps, the settings and so forth. The two of us are comfortable with eachother. However, I haven't really made the outside of the litte beauty my own and that I'd like to change. I want it to be unique to me - something I make versus a sticker I slap on there. Although, I don't mind slapping a sticker I make on there. But there's something lackluster about a sticker. And since my laptop has an aluminum case, there are other options available. Such as.. tada! Laser etching! I've seen a couple examples of this played out so far. It seems the PowerBook/MBP just beckons owners to trace something on it's skin. The few that I've seen (kite, bunny wave, trees) are nice but aren't quite what I'm looking for. I'm looking for something more along the lines of the design in the inset photo. Just look at how happy that man is. It's taken from the beginning of a trailer for the movie Dedication. It appears to be the director's laptop. It's more of a print design than an image, which I don't think I would tire of as quickly as, say, a picture of my face. Although.. I might be on to something there. I hadn't thought of that, yet. I should try to mock something up. I definately want the design, whatever it is, to incorporate the Apple logo. I mean, it's right there. It should be utilized. How about this: my face etched on there, taking a bite out of the apple? That would be great. Would I tire of that? I'll need to think about it.

Instrucatables - Laser Etching Macintosh PowerBooks

MAKE: Blog - Laser Etching PowerBooks

Kitty Kamera kAction!

The Discovery Channel and those like them have certainly done this before, but here an amateur made his own critter cam and strapped it on his cat. He modified it to take a shot every 90 seconds and got some interesting results. Cats are such sneaksters - it's kinda fun to see what one sees during the course of a day. The captions really enhance the experience, too.

[Mr. Lee Catcam via Gizmodo via Shiny Shiny]

Friday, July 27, 2007

Extra Income

Did you notice my new Google ad? After having an Adsense account for month, I finally figured out how to put it on here. I didn't even figure it out really. In trying to edit the layout of the blog, Blogger prompted me about it and I clicked "OK". That's my secret. But I did customize the colors. I love that they have an ad for Sufjan. If only I could click on it. I'd make myself some serious moolah.


The new background wasn't quite what I had envisioned. So we'll try something else. I don't have anything that will tile nicely, so I'm just going to go with the sepia flower theme - for now.


I'm trying my hand at customizing my page. The standard template is starting to wear on me. I'd like a new background the would potentially match my header image. I think I've located in the page code wear the little gif is, so I'm going to try to replace it with my own. Funny though, the only way I know how to get an image available would be to post it here. I thought I'd be able to put it in my account and link to it that way, but it won't give you a link to the actual file. The link they provide sends you to a page with some java image of the gif or something. I think this'll work.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

New Innocent Record

I don't feel like The Innocence Mission would mind that I posted Sufjan's version of their song, since they posted a link to the video on their website. The original version of the song is off of the record Birds of My Neighborhood. I feels like a winter record to me, so since it's summer, I would recommend their newest record, We Walked In Song, or their album Glow to you. Spin "Birds" in December as a break from the Christmas tunes. It'll speak more to you. I think and hope they'll be touring soon. They are on the top of my "See Live Before I Die" list.

The Innocence Mission Official Website

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Keeping Clouds Tidy

I haven't posted in a while, but I haven't needed to until now. I stumbled upon something I had to share. I didn't believe it even though I saw it: a flying lawn mower. I watched the video and practically chuckled myself to death! I couldn't figure it out and was wondering the whole time if it was some kind of computer animated trickery. Click on the link to watch the video. The site sort of explains how it works (at least to my satisfaction) and also has some literary gems you won't find anywhere else. "Flying lawn mowers... they look just like the real thing on the ground when they're being taxied over the grass, and then after a short take-off run the mower gets airborne!"