Thursday, June 7, 2007

Innocent Sufjan

"I'm in awe of big songs, national anthems, rock opera, the Broadway musical. But what I always come back to, after the din and drum roll, is the small song that makes careful observations about everyday life. This is what makes the music by The Innocence Mission so moving and profound. 'Lakes of Canada' creates an environment both terrifying and familiar using sensory language: incandescent bulbs and rowboats are made palpable by careful rhythms, unobtrusive rhyme schemes, and specificity of language. What is so remarkable about Karen Peris' lyrics are the economy of words, concrete nouns-fish, flashlight, laughing man-which come to life with melodies that dance around the scale like sea creatures. Panic and joy, a terrible sense of awe, the dark indentations of memory all come together at once, accompanied by the joyful strum of an acoustic guitar. This is a song in which everyday objects begin to have tremendous meaning."

-Sufjan Stevens

Update: New download link.
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This track came from a video. Link
Asmatic Kitty is Sufjan's record label. You'll find his stuff there. Link
The Innocence Mission. They've got a website, too. Link


Anonymous said...

thank you so much for posting this! i've been looking everywhere for it!

Bill said...

I appreciate the feedback. I've wondered if anyone has found this track posted here. I should note that I captured the audio with Audio Hijack and edited it with Audacity.

Anonymous said...

You've made my night. My favorite lyricist (Karen Peris, who wrote "Rowing") and my favorite musician come together.

grant said...

I would really like to download this song but box wont let me. Do you think you could email it to me?

"User is not allowed to use direct links."