Wednesday, August 8, 2007

One Of Life's Compelling Questions... Answered!

Mr. Burnett, you led me astray. Ever since chemistry class with you, I've thought a human exposed to the vacuum of space would experience the immediate boiling of their blood. As one of your faithful pole-vaulters would have said, "False!" (He said as a replacement for the whole "not" thing. Yeah, it was those days.)

Now we know better. A person would have all of fifteen seconds before being overcome by the bubbling of their insides. Phew! Is that a hug relief to anyone else? Note, this is all assuming you exhaled prior to opening the hatch - if not, you're done for. Please notify your current batch of chemists.

Continue reading at for all the facts you can scare the future great grand kids who'll have those lunar spring breaks.

[via Slashdot via Slate]

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