Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The President's Song

This has been around a while, but ever since I first heard it, I've wanted to post it here. It's apparently a conglomeration of the President's words taken from various public speeches. There may be a youtube video about how it came together. I think there were a couple of words in the lyrics that Mr. Bush didn't actually say in any of the speeches available, so there was some mashing of syllables to make up for it. I like it. I took the intro or John Lennon saying some strong words. I like it better with just the song. It's more ambiguous that way - bipartisan, maybe - but I think that makes it more interesting. If you want the full version, complete with John's expletives, there's a link below. I had trouble downloading it, though, so you may need to download the full album .zip file to get the song.

Imagine This - The original version. May not download fully.

Mediacracy .zip - The full album.

Wax Audio - Site that put the song together.

[via iLounge]

[image via here]

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