Thursday, May 3, 2007

Find Your Way Again, Sorta

With all the twists and turns my life has taken in recent weeks, one thing has fallen by the wayside, Lost. Now, I've found myself a month behind and they're starting to talk about the season finale coming soon! I'm committed to getting back on track. So, in looking to catch up via, I realized that with the coming of last nights episode it bumped off the one that I need from a month ago. I googled "Lost 4/4/07" hoping to see a illegitamate video somewhere else pop up, but nothing. There was however, this: It's a recap of the episode in less than four minutes complete with pictures, strong language, and a lack of patience for stupid turns the Lost story sometimes takes. Granted, I'm only speaking for this one recap, since I've only needed one up to this point. But I might check back every so often to see what they're saying.

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