Monday, May 14, 2007

Free* MacBooks?

*Since receiving a new MacBook Pro for about $100, many friends and relatives have been asking me how it was done. The secret to this kind of success came through the blog of He essentially told me everything I needed to know and it all worked out. The bad news: the website I got my computer from is no longer working. The good news: there's another website that's, in my opinion, better! ends up costing more but is easier to navigate and they seem to ship their "gifts" out quickly. For those of you who are unfamiliar with exactly what's going on here, I'll fill you in. You've seen the annoying internet advertising that says "Click here to claim your free iPod!". If you've ever clicked on one of those you've found that you have to complete some offers with third party companies like Netflix or Vonage and also refer your friends in order to get the item. In the end you end up only paying whatever you spend on completing the offers and don't pay anything for the actual item. The bummer thing to the whole thing is the referring of friends. That's where the beauty of these sites come in. With these particular sites you don't have to refer anyone. You just have to complete the offers, jump through all the right hoops, and then you get the goods. With the MacBook Pro, I spent about $500 initially, but then about $400 was refunded as I canceled offers and returned items. If you're wondering if it's ethical, we can have that talk.

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