Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Can gCal and iCal Really Be Friends?

I had a realization. I use my Google calendar to keep track of some stuff and should use it more. Someone else I know uses iCal to keep her life in order. How nice would it be if I could see what she had going on and vice versa. A quick google and, sure enough, someone else has thought the same. In fact several people have. BusySync and Spanning Sync are two similiar programs that do that very thing, sync calenders. I'm using Spanning Sync right now and it seems to be working well. It's very simple. It operates in a system preference pane and the menu bar and so far has sync quickly and accurately. I'm currently in the fifteen day trial period, so when it runs out, I think I'll try BusySync. It has a thirty day trial. The main difference that I can see is that BusySync has an emphasis on syncing calenders over a local area network in addition to the features of Spanning Sync. I can't speak for the interface of BusySync because I haven't tried it, yet. The only other major difference is price. BusySync is $25 and Spanning Sync is $25 for a year or $65 for forever. They claim that that $65 will be good for all upgrades for forever, I'm not sure if the $25 to BusySync is good for all upgrades.


Spanning Sync

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D. Lee Grooms said...

I'm using SpanningSync successfully here (went with the $65)—it's been very handy.