Saturday, May 17, 2008

Pandora Widget

While trying to figure out how to embed Pandora Radio (and not having success, by the way), I realized a nice new place to keep Pandora. I usually open Pandora in a browser window and then leave it running in the backround, but then if I want to pause or skip a song I have to go find it among my many open windows. Sure you could put it in a tab blah blah blah. Let's pretend for this usage that you're like me and you don't really use tabs all that often. Safari's webclip feature (that little button between the X and the +) can grab the Pandora web app and store it nicely in the Dashboard, then the player is only an F12 away. The music functions seem to work fine, but some of the non-music buttons don't work. I imagine you could webclip from the normal Pandora page just fine, but I found that going from the actual app link was really easy. I found it by looking at the source code of the Pandora page (Menu>View>View Source). It's highly possible that the webclip could break at some point, which probably just means that the Pandora people updated their goods, so another clipping will need to be made. To keep the sound waves coming in and out of Dashboard, make sure you un-check the option "Only play music in Dashboard" in the menu of your new new Pandora Widget.

Update: Or you could use this ready-made widget. Psh.

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